Monday, March 06, 2006

Cranial Therapy Installment #2

Went to see Alix today, my cranial therapist. I hadn't been since July when I was still investigating everything and I could feel that it was definitely time to go back. My neck and back were really tight and I've been having more episodes of vertigo lately. It is a very relaxing type of therapy. I really felt like I sunk into the table I was lying on, ahhh, very soothing. She said my temperal bones and occipital bone were likely to blame for the vertigo. They send different messages to the brain when they're not moving synchronously, so she spent extra time on them. She said my head responded very well. I still feel a little tense in my neck though but we'll see how I am over the next day or two.

Alix recommended a homeopathic product called Arnica to use following surgery. It supposedly helps bruises and other trauma. I'm still reseaching it but I'll probably try it. Might wait until after my expasion is done though, I don't want it to interfere with the "distraction osteogenesis". For my second surgery it sounds like something good to have.


At 8:46 AM, Anonymous Roxanne said...

Hey G,
Sounds like things are coming along now. I remember the pain of chewing and biting into food when i first had braces and had tightenings, but the appliance also sounds like quite the experience! Guess you're probably having some soy protein shakes or doing some fresh juicing?!
Due to the pain etc are you off work then?

At 10:54 AM, Anonymous Graham said...

Hey Rox...

Haven't started the soy shakes yet but will do that after surgery. The appliance is just sitting in here doing nothing until then, and it doesn't really cause me any pain. It's just eating that is now like doing gymnastics in my mouth. I worked from home last week while I was getting used to it. I'll probably be working from home for a while after surgery too.

Seems like the cranial therapy didn't fix my back this time. I'm still squirming a lot. I'm wondering if I might need to see a chairopractor, but those guys make me a bit nervous.

At 9:09 AM, Anonymous Roxanne said...

Great, glad eating is getting better! Good that you can work from home.
If you are leary of doing the chiro thing you can try massage therapy first to loosen up any muscle tension that might be pulling on your spine.
Take care!


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