Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Palate Expansion Appliance

Well, here I am day one with the RPE in. This definitely feels weird. I am salivating profusely, and I can taste a bit of the cement still. Not shown in the picture are the hook type thingies on the outer side of the bands. They are annoying and I'll need to put wax on them when the eventually start irritating my cheeks.

It doesn't really hurt at all. Talking is ok but not perfect. Imagine holding something in your mouth while trying to talk. I seem to have trouble with C's, H's, P's, Q's, T's, and V's so far.

Drinking feels like a fountain in my mouth, the water sort of filters through the appliance and I have to smack my lips to swallow it, sort of. It's hard to describe.

Eating is a total chore now. Like doing gymnastics in my mouth. I managed to slowly eat a Nutrigrain bar and a banana this afternoon. That wasn't so bad. For dinner it took over an hour to eat a can of brown beans and a piece of bread. I constantly have to work food out from between the top of the appliance and the top of my mouth. My first strategy for eating was to just let food build up in that space whereby the second mouthful pushes the first mouthful down so I can swallow. That sort of works but not great, and I can only let a little bit of food build up before I feel like gagging. The other strategy is to try to chew in my cheeks like a chipmunk, again, sort of works but still gets pushed up there via the space on the side. Either way I have to keep swishing with water as I eat, and chew very thoroughly. I also tried some lettuce, that didn't work too well.

Dr W wants to see me on March 25th at 8:30am to begin expanding. He thinks I'll need to have someone do it for me. He said I can get him to do it if necessary via stopping in to the office or coming over to his place since he doesn't live too far from here. I'll certainly give it a try myself though. I know other people have been able to do it themselves.


At 9:17 PM, Blogger Brandyleigh35 said...

OMG Graham! I'm so glad I have someone else who is going through this and can relate. Eating is an absolute nitemare isn' it" I think I can deal with everything else but the eating thing I've gotta figure out. At the moment I'm so hungry I'm forcing a piece of pizza down. I don't care where it gets stuck I will dig it out later somehow! Thank goodness I'm having my Sarpe in Friday, I think it might get a bit easier with some more room in there, plus I don't want to wear this monster any longer than is absolutely necessary!

When is your SARPE?


At 9:31 PM, Blogger Graham said...

I'm scheduled for March 23rd, so a good three weeks to go for me. Best of luck to you on Friday!!

Yeah, eating really sucks and it's very slow going. Like you, I hate this appliance more each minute! And heck I don't even have my lower braces on yet!

At 9:41 PM, Blogger Brandyleigh35 said...

I can't imagine having this thing for an extra three weeks! You poor thing! I don't know about you but I'm not really developing any technique to getting food down, just doing my best to work it around and make it go down. I'm thinking like how in the heck am I going to eat at work, I mean it is not a pretty site right now! I so hope it gets better! Mine is a little more annoying cause its not officially cemented in yet and it hurts on one side to really chew. Anyway you look at it, it pretty much just stinks!


At 6:48 PM, Blogger Shontell said...

LOL So good to hear what other people have to say in this situation! I was doing the chipmunk thing in my cheeks too. I guess when I can chew again I'll get back to learning how to eat with this thing again. Do I see spacers and a RPE in there???? sucked to be u!


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