Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Spacers day 2

Well my research was right. Spacers hurt more the day after they go in. I've been loading up on extra strength Tylenol every four hours, which helps some. Later in the day I decided to try Advil as well. I think it's working but still hard to tell.

My two front teeth feel like they've been pushed outwards more and my bite is off since I can't really close the same way I can without the spacers in. I guess I ought to get used to my bite changing though because that's how it goes with ortho for a while.

Eating has been painful. I've managed to get down a mushy bowl of Rice Krispies, 2 Nutrigrain bars (which were harder than I thought they'd be to chew), a Hot Cross bun (slow, tedious and painful), and for dinner a can of Heinz beans which was fine and some bread and salad which was mostly lettuce, and I found that easier than I thought actually. I think maybe the Advil helped.

Sleeping last night was ok, better than I thought it would be as I drifted off to sleep. I did toss and turn but not too much. Oh, and my ears were ringing a little while before I finally rolled out of bed. It's happened a little bit during the day also but not too bad.

I'm feeling a little dizzy or wabbly right now though. I wish I had'of gone back to the CST before this. The dates got set before I had a chance to go back. I might try to tough it out until after the 28th when my expander is in. I don't think I should be in any pain by that point.


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