Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Cranial Sacral Therapy

Part of my overall plan is also to visit a cranial therapist. Cranial sacral therapy is concerned with the movement of the plates in the skull via the tiny sutures that they mesh together on, all the way down to the sacrum at the bottom of the spine, hence the name Cranial Sacral therapy. This type of therapy is relatively new and is just beginning to be accepted in the medical community, particularly as it relates to orthodontics. The therapist applies very gentle touches to the skull, neck, spine, and feet, and the surface of the teeth to get the system "moving" properly.

I've only been to one appointment so far, and I was skeptical going into it. Afterall, how can just gentle touch make any difference? Well, I am now a believer! I really felt more "balanced", in a way, and my neck no longer felt so terribly tense. My jaw was also loose and free of tension. This type of therapy is also sometimes helpful for vertigo, which coincidentally I had been experiencing. After my treatment I felt much better and didn't have another episode of vertigo for at least 2 months or more. I can tell I need to go back very soon. It's peaceful and relaxing.
My therapist said maybe 4-5 treatments ought to get me in good shape before my big surgery.

I did feel some strange sensations for a few days afterwards, as if someone was pushing on my head or jaw with the tip of their fingers. This sensation was a bit startling at first, but it only lasted one or two seconds usually.

The therapist is actually an RMT so my insurance will pay for some of it. The Cranial Institute is downtown on Duncan street.

Here's a site with some good info if you're interested:


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