Monday, February 20, 2006

Spaced out...again!

Just got back from the ortho. I'll be sporting these sexy spacers for another 8 days. Today I got fitted for bands and had another mold taken. Patricia is the assistant doing the work. She's a sweet lady and does her work as gently as possible. First she took the spacers out, one or two of those hurt but just for a second. I was surprised at how they just sort of popped out when she pulled them without much tugging. My mouth felt really odd, another weird new bite, but it was nice to have the pressure off of my palate. Short lived though! She then flossed where the spacers were and clearly some room had been created. Slight problem with my left 4th though as I seem to have a small 'step' in the way that tooth is shaped, so the separator for that one didn't create the needed space. Patricia was perplexed and didn't think she'd be able to get a band on that tooth. She had Dr. Waese come over to look at it. He then use a thin piece of special filing paper to file the step down a little bit and then they tried a few more sizes of bands until they were satisfied. Popping different sizes of bands on and off hurt a bit, but again just for a second. The bands feel like a vice around the tooth and they have what felt like hooks on the sides which were digging in to my cheeks a bit. I can tell that once I have the RPE in permanently those hooks are going to annoy me. I kept filling my cheeks with air to move them away. Once the bands were on we took a mold. Painless there and worked on the first try. Mmm, strawberry goo! Then she took the bands off and quickly put them on the mold before it was set. And then of course she put the spacers back in. It feels like I have more pressure now than I did 3 hours ago but I seem to be able to bite down without much pain. We'll see how dinner goes tonight.

I also gave them 50% of my down payment. I'll give them the other 50% next week, and then my 23 monthly payments begin March 28th. Boo! I was hoping for payments every 6 weeks, oh well.

Dr. W is also going to work on my profile prediction photograph this weekend. I'll post it here once I have it. Gotta remember that it is just a manually done prediction and often the actual result will look better.


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Hey Graham, sounds like things are moving right along. I started a blog on here to. If you want to follow mine also here is the address:


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