Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Post-op visit #3

Today was post-op visit number three. My aunt was kind enough to drive down and give me a ride to Dr T's office. I'm thinking that I feel strong enough to attempt walking there now, so perhaps I'll do a trial walk on the weekend. I'll take it slow but I think I'll make it.

My appointment was at 11:55am but I didn't actually see him until 12:35pm, seems the whole office was running behind today, but thankfully the waiting room wasn't jam packed. So after all that waiting he looked at me for maybe 4 minutes and said my bite looks great. I told him that I was experiencing more pain towards the end of each day and he just said to take Advil, which I have been doing, but he also offered me some more codeine so I accepted that. I'm only taking 2.5ml at a time but it seems to help and I can always take a little more if I need it. The prescribed amount is 5-10ml every 3-4 hours as needed, so that tells you what my level of pain is. It's more an annoyance than pain. I go back again in two weeks on December 4th. After that I think I don't see him for a month! I'll have to remember to ask him about being able to open wider and if I should be doing any stretching exercises.

I'm feeling pretty good today. Having an extra protein shake before I left might have helped. I didn't want to be feeling hungry while I was out. I tried eating a scoop of sweet potatoes last night too. It was messy but it felt a bit easier than trying to eat apple sauce last week, so that's encouraging. I think I'll try some oatmeal soon. Still have to use a baby spoon; whatever works!

The right side of my face is perhaps a tiny bit less numb except for the right side of my nose which feels about the same. My chin still has that throbbing numbness off and on several times per day. I can't feel much of my chin or lower lip yet. I also cannot feel my teeth or gums when I brush and the lower part of the insides of my cheeks feel like I have a wad of gum or something in there.

Someone left a comment asking what all I had done: my maxilla was moved forward and widened at the back left molar area as well as reduced vertically for less of a gummy smile, my mandible was made shorter and bone from that was grafted to my maxilla to help fill in the gap left from moving it forward. I also had genioplasty to re-contour my chin and move it slightly forward to maintain overall facial balance. I meant to ask him what the measurements were, but I know that my OD recommended moving my maxilla forward about 6-8mm.

I posted week 3 photos yesterday so check them out if you haven't already. The front view shows a decent reduction in swelling compared with week two. I hope that repeats again next week!

Thanks again to everyone for your support!


At 2:00 AM, Blogger Lars said...

Hi Graham! I am having my surgery in about a month and love reading about your progress. It sure helps with the anxiety! I looked at your pics and I too have a prominent chin that sticks out. My surgeon told me that it will be moved back about 8cm and that I will notice a difference in my chin. Have you noticed a change in your chin? I really hope it makes my chin smaller since I have been ridiculed for my big chin for my whole life.

At 7:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking good, Graham!
Hope you'll be able to come out and play soon.
Sending good thoughts your way.

At 7:45 AM, Blogger Graham said...

Hi Lars... I'm glad you find my blog helpful, that's why I do it. :) Congratulations on your upcoming surgery, I think you'll be very happy you did it. I know how you feel about the ridicule. I can see a difference in my chin, it's not so prominent or pointy now. I think my case was more that my upper jaw was too far back which made my lower appear bigger. I think once I see more candid photos of myself at a party or whatever is when I'll really notice the difference. I will keep posting progress photos though, you can see a difference if you compare pre-op to now. Good luck and thanks for reading!

At 4:47 PM, Blogger Chris K said...

How ya doin buddy? Pics look great!

At 1:15 AM, Blogger Mary said...

Hey Graham, looking good! Isn't it amazing how resilient the body is! And how subtle yet striking a few mm's are. By now you should be able to enjoy mashed potatos with gravey which was my mainstay in between soups and shakes. It will probably be a few more weeks or so before your surgeon will have you start doing mouth widening exercises.


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