Monday, September 17, 2007

Adjustment #10 and flirting with a date!

Today marked adjustment #10. Everything was right on time, even a few minutes early perhaps, woot! It was short and sweet. All he did was put a new and thicker wire on the bottom with some first and second order bends to get my premolars into place. I asked him to pay special attention to my right lower canine which is still quite out of place; that one got a first and second order bend plus a piece of steel ligature wire to keep the arch wire in place.

Oh and speaking of bends I learned that (if I remember correctly) first order is horizontal, second order is vertical, and third order is a twist in the wire.

The class II elsastics have made quite a difference already (see my underbite photo below). Within a matter of hours after having them on at my previous appointment my bite was (finally) no longer end-to-end! Praise jaysus! He decided to have me continue wearing them right up until surgery. I just hope they don't move my lower incisors out too far…though I must say that on the x-ray tracings I saw it seemed they had quite a way to go by the angle he showed me. I wish I could show you. My next appointment is in 5 weeks on October 22nd when he will put new wires on top and bottom, I assume they will be the final wires before surgery. He also mentioned ball-hooks (surgical hooks) to be put on shortly after that.

On my way out Arlene asked if I had received a call from the surgeon yet. Nope. She said they had just started their October list two or three days ago and that she thought I would get a call any day now. Apparently they've had some cancellations and are looking to move some November people into October if possible. She decided to give them a call right then but the scheduling nurses had gone home for the day, so she is going to call again tomorrow and let me know what turns up. Hopefully tomorrow will bear welcome news, and if not then hopefully one day this week!

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At 6:53 PM, Blogger bobanna said...

Wooot wooot! Now you've got a date on the 29th of October G! I've got my eyes on you and I know you're going to handle surgery well!


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