Thursday, May 25, 2006

28 and 35 days

(above: my gap at 28 and 35 days, click for large size)

Much to my continued amazment, progress continues! The other night I felt a push that was stronger than usual and I swear I could see a difference within 5 minutes! Now to just get rid of the "V" shape that's left.

Eating is getting better. I ate a can of beans in 15 minutes tonight, a new record. I was also able to have Rice Krispies last weekend without letting them get mushy in the milk first, yay! Now that things are approaching normal position again it is less and less uncomfortable to bite down harder. For lunch I also had a jam sandwich. Biting into the bread is a very delicate act but I can do it slowly.

Talking is pretty much back to how it was before surgery, blocked only by my RPE, though it does feel like my incisors get in the way sometimes.

I went back to the office this week after working from home since a week after surgery. I felt pretty weak on Tuesday. Wednesday I worked from home since I had an all day conference call. Today I went in to the office again and it was better than Tuesday. What's bothering me most is really my neck and shoulder which is still causing me to have episodes of vertigo.

I still feel tight in my top jaw. Smiling feels like stretching. I've noticed too that I can't suck my top lip into my mouth. I really hope the tightness goes away and my range of motion comes back. It has a lot since surgery, so I hope that continues. I'm trying to allow myself not to feel normal until I get my RPE out in another 7 weeks.

I'm getting my lower braces on in 12 days, yikes!


At 10:55 PM, Anonymous mishka said...

You're doing awesome Graham, congrats :)


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