Monday, April 03, 2006

post-op day 11 (happy b-day to me)

So for my 30th birthday I decided what better way to celebrate than to go for expansion #6 and furnish myself with about a 3mm diastima. And heck, once this thing gets a bit bigger I'm considering walking over to the mall to go into The Gap and ask if they need a new poster boy. I think I'd be perfect for it, don't you? Well, whatever. In any case I'm going to postpone the party for a few months and then make up for it twofold later.

Paid a post-op visit to Dr T finally. He said everything looks fine, so good news there. He also offered to do my expansion on Friday since Dr W is away. Also saw Dr W today and he too had a look around my mouth and said it looked fine. I have to say that the docs confirmation on my progress is reassuring and I felt a bit more confident as I was walking home. It's not over yet but I'm progressing all the same.
I'm glad to be finished my antibiotics now too.

Sleeping the last two nights was better. I don't remember moving the wrong way or smacking myself in the face as I've done a few times already. I felt kinda weak today though. I need to find more things to try chewing. Dr T said it was still a bit early though, so perhaps we'll compare how I am by the weekend.

Went back to work today too (from home, that is). Lots to do. I am very grateful for the amount of flexibility my manager is giving me. Would be nice if I didn't have so many projects going on right now though.

Oh, and my neck and shoulder seem to be helped by children's (liquid) Motrin, which has ibuprofen in it. Not a complete solution but it helps some. If it didn't taste so bad I'd probably take more of it. I should see if I can swallow a pill yet.


At 11:47 PM, Blogger Amy said...

Hey Graham, You will definitely have to celebrate your 30th once you've recovered from this, what a bummer.

You can inherit the nickname "Gap Guy". I took on the nickname "Gap Girl" at work. Now that mine is closed it doesn't fit anymore...but the name did grow on me. I just got Photoshop, maybe I could take head shots of all of us who've had a SARPE with our diastima and paste our faces over the Gap models. (he he)

Glad to hear your expansion is going along well and you are getting some relief with the liquid IB. Just think, you made it through 1 week post op and your almost half way done with expansion.

Take care, Happy Birthday and I'm hoping you will be feeling better soon! Amy

At 3:42 PM, Blogger Graham said...

Thanks Amy! Yes, definitely going to celebrate by eating like mad as soon as I am able! Did two more turns this morning, so I'm at 14 now.

At 11:36 PM, Blogger Brandyleigh35 said...

Are you expanding yourself now or still going to the doctor to do it?

Love the idea of being a GAP model...just seems so appropriate doesn't it?

Glad you are starting to feel a bit better.


At 7:02 PM, Blogger Graham said...

Still letting the OD do it. I think I will let him do all of it. I have shakey hands to begin with due to dystonia, and on top of that I flinch very easily. The bonus is that I'm just a 20 minute walk from his office and he has graciously offered to do it all for me at no extra charge. It's also good since he gets to examine me on a daily basis which just makes me feel better about it knowing I have his expert opinion any time I feel like asking. We've done 16 turns so far and he told me today that he'll reassess after 24 but thinks I may need up to 38! Yikes!


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