Thursday, April 27, 2006

7 Days After Expansion

(above: my gap 7 days after expansion finished)

So here I am 7 days since expansion finished. There has only been a tiny bit of movement so far, as I expected. I compared last week's photo with today's and there is some difference but it isn't worth seriously comparing yet. There is some new space between my left incisor and my 2nd tooth; and both incisors appear slightly more angled towards each other. Sometimes in the evening if I sit really still I swear I can feel my incisors making tiny in/out motions, it is the freakiest thing!

I get quick lightning bolt pains a few times during the day but they are bearable since they are so short. One time it went all the way up to my right eye, that was not fun.

My top lip feels slightly different one day to the next. In the last couple of days it's felt warmer and kind of like a fuzzy-numb feeling; very hard to describe. My cheeks beside my nose feel like they have more sensation now on the top surface but they still feel puffy and numb underneath. My septum is feeling less sensitive to movement now which is good, but my nose seems to run like crazy when I go outside even when it's 6 degrees out. Smiling wide doesn't hurt quite as much now but I still feel a tug, but if I sneer my nose that tugs a lot still.

I still can't chew very much, at least not comfortably. I think my RPE is tugging on the teeth it is anchored to on the left side, probably because my teeth are angled inwards so my bite is a bit traumatic. I'm hoping that once my gap is gone those teeth will have shifted forward enough to alleviate this. If I could chew I would be much better off.

My speech still sounds weird. Can't pronounce F's still. Also I have a heightened awareness of the region up where my teeth meet my jaw. I feel like I have marbles up there or that my teeth are 'too high up', if that makes any sense.

I'll post again either next week or when something noticeable happens, whichever comes first.


At 9:04 AM, Anonymous Roxanne said...

Good stuff! So glad to hear that you are done with expansion and that the pain has lessened! What a process this has been, but good things are around the corner. Once the gap closes i think you'll really feel the difference and see it! Good luck!


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