Thursday, May 11, 2006

14 and 21 days

(above, left to right: 14 and 21 days. click for large size)

I am now 3 weeks after expansion. Progress has felt slow this week, though when compared with last weeks photos I can see some continued improvement. The gap has closed a little bit more, the front of my arch is flatter and rounder, and on the first 3 teeth on the left, new gum tissue has covered over more of the base of each tooth. If you look closely at the base of those three you can see the little bumpy parts which are gone on the right photo. Feels much smoother when I run my tongue over those spots too, which is good because it was causing me some worry. I hope the gap will close up more at the top soon and get rid of the V shape it's been in for a while.

Last weekend I managed to eat some pancakes. It was slow and tedious but I was thrilled to have more food in my tummy! I can also eat Nutrigrain bars and for dinner I am trying to eat a can of brown beans the usual way, sans blender! Took me half an hour last night. I have to be mindful not to use my six front teeth while chewing.

I took some Motrin last night, but other than that the pain has been tolerable. I have regained a lot of feeling back in my cheeks and upper lip but still some way to go yet. Still a little bit of swelling or puffiness there. I can sleep more comfortably on my stomach with the side of my face directly on the bed now but only for short durations.

Talking has improved. Getting easier to pronounce F and Th. I think I'm getting close to the point where I was before surgery, back to when my speech was impeded only by the RPE appliance. Smiling is a lot easier now too. No more painful tugging, but still a feeling of tension. Same with being able to sneer my nose, so I seem to have a bit more range of motion.

3 more weeks till I go see Dr W. I hope to be gap-free by then!


At 9:55 AM, Anonymous Roxanne said...

Good news! Glad to see things are moving along well! I think it's looking great and am glad to hear you can eat and start getting off the meds!


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