Friday, April 07, 2006

Two weeks plus

So it's been more than two weeks now. Seems like a long time but it's only been two weeks! I've done 20 turns as of today. The actual turning seems to be getting a little easier but in the last two days I've been experiencing a lot more pain, or maybe it's more like an ache. Just a constant inflamed pain sensation, almost like swelling, but it's not. And my lip and jaw feel really cold all the time. I broke down yesterday and started taking codeine again - just 2.5ml at a time since that much is effective without knocking me out. I'm also still taking liquid Motrin for the inflammation, which also helps some. ....The turn today hurt more right at the back of my palate, you know that bump at the back where the palate meets the soft tissue of the back of the throat. Ouch. I also find I'm really sensitive to cold drinks, especially behind my front two teeth and the top of my mouth. ...My cheeks at the sides of my nose are still feel puffy though they don't really look it. Feels like I have worms squiggling around in there or something. I've also been having some shooting pains in my front teeth area, so hopefully that's just the nerves starting to grow back.

My OD said he'll reassess once I've done 24 turns and then decide how many more to do, but he thinks I may need up to 38. My left side is definitely catching up though. I just hope the pain goes away soon. I don't think I can bear 18 more turns if it doesn't! On a positive note, when I look at my upper arch in the mirror is has clearly changed. Definitely wider and rounder for sure. I'm trying to get a decent picture of it.


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