Monday, March 27, 2006

Post-op day 4 / expansion day #2

I was expecting today's expansion to be my biggest complaint but turns out it isn't! The trouble now is with my right shoulder and upper back it seems. It may be from how I've been sitting or sleeping the last couple of days. I can't comfortably lift my arm very high and I feel some tugging in my upper back, which is also making me feel a little dizzy. Sitting at the computer is also difficult for very long. I'm going to try sleeping with just one pillow tonight and see if that helps any. I was having back and dizziness problems long before the surgery but this is a new sensation.

I managed to hobble to the OD today for expansion day #2. Much to by surprise it went WAY easier today, I barely felt it. He turned it two times. Go figure. I would sure be happy if the rest of them are this easy, in which case I may decide to try it myself if I can keep my hands steady and my back returns to normal. Anyway you can see the gap forming in the photo above.

Swelling seems to be down some. I swished with some warm salt water and I've been using a hot compress too, so I guess that appears to be helping. The bruise on my right cheek is a little darker today. I can't wait for the woozy feeling of gently pressing on my face to be gone. Oh, and I managed not to take any codeine today either, yay for that. Not to say I don't have any pain, just not enough to warrant being conked out by narcotics.

Eating is a huge chore, and I often get it all over my shirt. I'm still on blender food and liquids. I haven't felt super hungry yet so I guess I'm doing ok but I should probably weigh myself soon to make sure. For dinner tonight I put a can of brown beans in the blender with one can of water and a 1/4 cup of sugar. Tasted better than the first time I did that without the water and sugar.


At 9:15 AM, Anonymous Roxanne said...

Hey Graham,
You're looking less swollen which i know probably feels much better. When i had my wisdom teeth out my head looked like a pumpkin so by my book you're looking just fine!
Great to hear you're getting the hang of what you can and can't eat, guess you'll be going for apple sauce and soups in the next stage! Don't forget about the soy shakes/drinks! : )
Hope you're able to sleep better and that the pain in your shoulder/back doesn't continue much longer...wonder if that's a side effect of the surgery? Good that you're weaning off the codene but definately take it when you need it!I preferred something stronger as i found the codene made me ill and made me kinda whacko! Take care of yourself! you may feel like you're sleeping a ton but i'm sure it'll help you heal faster! : )


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