Saturday, March 25, 2006

Expansion day #1

Went to the OD today, my first visit post-op. (I wore a dust mask on my walk there and will continue to do so until the swelling is down.) He had a look around with the mirror and said it looked fine. I wondered if maybe I wouldn't be able to open my mouth wide enough for him to do an expansion but it was no problem that way. The first turn was the worst because the screw was a little bit stuck and he had to give it a good few pushes to make it turn. The pressure was a LOT more than I was expecting and it really startled me, and I whimpered a bit. He stopped mid-turn and asked if it was hurting me, and once he stopped I realized that it was pressure and not really pain per say. So he continued turn #1. It sounded like when you rub your finger on a wet piece of plastic or something. Then he did turn #2, which went easier but still lots of pressure and more whimpering from me. And finally turn #3 came and went as well. The immediate pressure pretty much stopped as soon as each turn was done and I didn't notice any residual pressure except for the whole of my top jaw felt tighter, as it were. He then gave me some cranial sacral treatments and said he got a good 'release', which is good news, meaning that he was able to reset the bones. …I should mention that I took a hit ofcodeinee before I went, so that probably had something to do with how I felt, without too much real pain, just pressure. I could feel the new space between my incisors right after the turns and it is clearly visible in the mirror now too. Still too hard to get shot of it with my webcam right now though because of the swelling. I took more codeine at lunch and that was enough to put me to sleep most of the afternoon. For dinner I just had a can of brown beans which Iliquefiedd in the blender. Need to add more water next time because the thickness made me feel like gagging once I got down towards the bottom of the second glass of it. Nice.

I took my temperature and it is normal. I also took some children's Tylenol since it is the only other liquid painrelieverr around. I don't feel like having the codeine knock me out again right now.

Next expansion is Monday at 9am. I'm going to have to have my OD do them all for me for now. I really can't see me being able to do it. I flinch way too easily.

Gonna try some heat now.


At 8:11 PM, Blogger Brandyleigh35 said...

Hey Graham,
The first few days of expanding are the worst. Sooner than you think you will start to feel more comfortable. Once your swelling starts to subside and you have more freedom of movement you will probably be able to turn the key yourself. I had my dh do it mostly cause he was here and could do it easily, AND because it sorta freaked me out at first. Later on though it was really not a big deal. I pretty much did my last 3 days on my own with no trouble. once you get the hang of it it is pretty simple. Provided you can get past the fact that you are actually expanding your own palate! LOL..
Is your doctor going to turn it 3 times everytime he sees you?


At 1:34 PM, Blogger Amy said...

Hi Graham,

I know what you mean about turning that key. I had help too. They don't hurt, but you do feel pressure. I found out the reason your cheeks feel it so much is the bone is pushing up and out. It lifts the bones that hold your facial structure as well as expands.

About the numbness - that part was eerie to me, but good news - feeling does come back- yay! It took about 3 - 4 months before I got all feeling back in my gums and teeth. To me it came in tingles, kind of like novicane wearing off.

Your doing great to be moving around and try to keep eatting. Its tough, but it will help tremendously in healing.

Take care,

At 7:32 PM, Blogger Graham said...

Brandy - I think it will vary. Tomorrow he said he'd do just two turns. If we end up skipping a day here and there maybe he'll do more than two. We'll see I guess.

Amy - I think I can already feel a bit of sensation coming back on the inner side of my front teeth, although it could just be the swelling starting to move around a bit too, hard to tell for sure. I had a few short pains that I could feel in my teeth. Mostly what bothers me now is the cold feeling in my upper lip and maxilla, it feels very tight and I feel a strong tug every time I swallow.


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