Sunday, June 10, 2007

Spring loaded

I went to have a cleaning on Wednesday last week.

Cheryl: Every time I look in your mouth I just want to say wow!

Me: Say it! Say it!

Cheryl: Wow! Wow!

And Wednesday next week is when I go back to Dr W to get a bypass wire on. I took the opportunity to ask Dr G if he thought there was enough space around my laterals to do some bonding. He had a look and said it looked good to him. So I'm hoping that Dr W is in agreement. I'm a little bit worried that my left side still doesn't have enough. Dr G said he would likely do a roughed-in amount of bonding and then have Dr W close up any remaining space, doing too much bonding would make the tooth too big. Dr W said something similar at my last adjustment, that he was trying to create just a little bit too much space.

Here's a couple of comparison photos for you. My usual set is also in My Teeth Photos.

compare arch adj 5 wk 0 and 5

compare right adj 5 wk 0 and 5

The left side is pretty subtle but the new space on the right is fairly obvious. Notice how much the coil has expanded.

smile adj 5 wk 5 - 1

This is how my bite is naturally sitting right now, unless I fake it and push my lower jaw out far enough so that I can close all the way. I can't wait for this to be put back to how it was once the bonding is done. My incisors clash a lot and I have to be very careful. Dr W thinks I might be able to just have upper surgery now, I think this bite is indicative of that, but he wants to take new models later this summer to be sure. I'm also anxious to get some bends in my lower wire. The lowers look fairly straight from the top view (with a couple of obvious exceptions) but I still think they look too crowded from the front.

No word on surgery from Dr T yet. According to Kristy's blog they are currently booking for July, and I'm just not ready yet so I'm not calling them every month like I was. The part that worries me is that between now and October, at the rate I've been going will only be two more adjustments. It seems that won't be enough if you ask me. I hope I don't fall behind schedule.


At 12:36 AM, Blogger Michelle said...

Well it looks like you are moving right along with all those fancy doohickies! Springs, Coils, man...I guess I am just plain Jane right now. Well, can't forget about my fancy smancy RPE...oh yeah...everyone dies for one of them! Well, I have noticed my gap is slowly closing, I have had some comments over the weekend. I am not feeling as weird anymore, guess I am used to looking like this. Well, I'm glad to hear you are doing good, still crossing my fingers for upper surgery only for you! Good Luck, I will be posting a pic and update soon, I have been having trouble getting a good picture lately. Not sure why.
Well chow for now!

At 8:45 PM, Blogger Brandyleigh35 said...

Hey Graham,
That would be awesome if you only had to have upper surgery. The upper surgery has been easier then the lower I think. Almost zero chance of numbness too! I will keep my fingers crossed. Sorry things are not moving as rapidly as you would like. It can be maddening can't it? Do your doctors know you are shooting for a specific time frame regarding your surgery? If they do hopefully the will work with you to achieve it. Just make sure you tell them what you have planned.

Looks like those springs have been doing a fine job making the space. They work so well don't they? Things are really progressing along. I mean seriously look at where you started and where you are now. It is amazing!


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