Monday, August 28, 2006

My Sister's LeFort!!

Finally I get to see my sister Karen's results! She lives out of town from me so this is my first chance to see her new smile! Here she is before braces on the left, and before surgery on the right:


And here she is about 5 weeks post-op from LeFort I advancement. Her OS also widened her maxilla:


I think she looks great! Cute even! I think the photo on the left really shows the nice new position of her maxilla (reduced creases in her cheeks and the area above her top lip is nice and rounded), and her profile on the right is nice and balanced. Her profile looked really different to me at first but I'm already getting used to it! I'm a bit surprised that her OS chose not to do a BSSO but I think compared to me maybe her chin is prominent while my entire mandible is too long. My OD thinks maybe I could get away with only a LeFort as well though, so we'll see what happens. In the meantime I am very happy for Karen, she looks great and I can tell you that she is glad to finally have this over with. It will be interesting to see further changes as she continues to heal, and I get to live vicariously until it's my turn. If Karen is any example I definitely have something to look forward to! Yay Karen!!!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Can You Picture That!?

Anyone remember Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem from The Muppet Show? This dude rocks! Can You Picture That is one of my favourite songs from long ago!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Small changes after two weeks

It has now been two weeks with upper braces on. For all the pain and amount that I can actually feel things moving, the changes are still pretty subtle. I've felt a few really big pushes, which were quite startling for about 5 seconds, but when I look in the mirror afterwards I don't notice much, urgh! It even felt as if maybe the wire was going to snap or something, but again, just for a few seconds.

The wire is straighter now which has made everything more parallel but the teeth don't seem to have moved along the wire much yet.

I marked a few spots where you can see changes in angle and spaces between.

How often do you think I should post comparisons? I'm thinking maybe every 3-4 weeks? It's a long time between posts but it looks more dramatic that way. I take new photos once a week so maybe I'll just have to wing it and see if the changes are worth talking about. I haven't posted about my lowers this time because the changes are ultra subtle.

Oh and the other news is that my bite actually touches on the right side now for the first time in decades! It's miles from being straight mind you but it is a new experience to hear my teeth click on that side. I've always been a slow eater. Makes me wonder if I'll one day be able to wolf my food down like some of my friends can do since I'll be able to do it so much more efficiently. And speaking of eating, I had hoped I'd be able to bite into more things now but all the movement I can feel going on is making that goal unlikely. Things are on the move though so that's a fair trade I guess.