Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Say hello!

Hey all. Just wanted to introduce you to my new friend Kristy. We have the same surgeon and she recently decided to join the blogosphere. She even has pics up! Go check her out!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

All Coiled Up!

Once again it goes to show that during ortho you really can't get too attached to any particular outcome at any particular time. Things will happen when they happen and one must simply deal with it!

So as you can see (check out my flickr site for more pics) there has been a change in plan, or rather a delay is probably more accurate. I didn't have enough space around my peg laterals so my OD had to break out the big guns and put coils and spacers in! It was tricky to get those little buggers in there and I am loaded up on Advil now. (It even hurt to bite into a jam sandwich for lunch!) I still have the tie wire under the arch wire as well. The idea is to advance my central incisors and to create more space around the laterals, in fact he thinks it will be a bit too much but he will close it up after the bonding. He said this may temporarily move my central incisors in front of my lowers. I hope it doesn't because that inbetween part is so annoying! The good part though is that I go back in 6 weeks rather than the usual 8. But again we'll just have to see what happens. My occlusion is pretty bad right now too. My upper and lower incisors are knocking together more and more, and I am almost biting my top right bracket if I'm not careful.

As for lowers, he ran out of time so he plans to put some second order bends in the wire next time. Hopefully that will finally get my lower incisors straightened out.

Another part of this visit was a discussion about surgery. Dr W said I am right at the point where he needs to determine whether we stick with the original plan of both upper and lower, or whether I can get away with just upper. I remember him hinting at this shortly after my expansion was finished. This time he wants to make a new set of models and do some tracings in order to really know for sure. We will do this once my bonding is finally done and the little spaces are gone. I know my OS is going to do it before he does anything too but I am still very curious to see what we find out.

Some sad news is that my coordinator Cheri is in the hospital due to a pancreas injury during gall bladder removal surgery. Not only that but she caught pneumonia too! Arlene recruited her mom (!) to help out in Cheri's absence. So the two of them set me up for my next appointment today. Thanks mom! Hehe. And get better soon Cheri!

So here I am back in the waiting game. I feel like some applesauce, wanna join me?