Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Meet Dr. Waese

So off I went to meet Dr. Waese for a consultation in May of 2005. He has a really nice office and a great staff who really made me feel welcome. I noticed my name up on the 'welcome new patients' board as I walked in. Cheri is my case manager and she is extremely helpful and answers all my questions. I also met Sandy who took x-rays and molds for me while making extra sure I felt comfortable and said that she likes working there because nothing they do in the office involves pain. I'll take that with a grain of salt, but it was nice to hear nonetheless.

After answering some standard questions with Cheri, Dr Waese came in to take some measurements and give me a general picture of what would be needed. I felt like he truly cared about my interests and that he would work very hard to help me. He seems like a very intuitive man and considers both the actual treatment and me as a person in his decisions. He is a very busy guy but is a perfectionist as well. Perfect teeth are fine with me!

Dr. Waese was very interested in my case and had an air of fascination about him as he examined me. "This is very interesting!" he repeated numerous times. Afterwards he asked if he could have my permission to bring my case to his study group so that he could get some consensus on what needed to be done. I heartily agreed and so in the end it was like having 7 orthodontists look at me!


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